Are you aware that your life is not as happy as you want it to be?
Are you feeling stuck, not knowing what direction to take?

Do you feel sad, alone, lost, scared and
anxious due to a significant life event? Events
such as

  • Divorce, breakdown of a relationship - recent or long ago
  • Death of a friend or a family member - a loved one or perhaps a ‘not so loved one’
  • Pregnancy & Infant Loss
  • Menopause

The emotional and physical reactions we feel are the normal and natural reactions to a loss, of any kind, yet we are left feeling like we can't cope, we want to be alone, we don't want to be a burden to others. If this resonates with you, you are not alone. You don't have to feel this way. You were never created to live a life of depression, guilt, sadness or shame.

Jill Attree

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About Me

I believe that we were never created to live a life of depression, guilt, sadness or shame.  If you feel your life is not as happy as you want it to be and you feel stuck, not sure which way to turn, I would love to help you find happiness again. I will listen to you as you share your story, without judgement, analysis or criticism. I will allow you to feel safe so that you can move forward through your loss. To help you create a brighter tomorrow.


Hi, I’m Jill and I live on the South Coast in Poole, Dorset


In 2013 I suffered the most devastating loss. My sister died suddenly, with no warning.  I was left with an overwhelming feeling of loss and a sadness in my heart like I had never felt before.  I just switched to automatic pilot, desperately trying to hold things together and be strong for others whilst grieving myself. I felt completely overwhelmed, I was exhausted from constantly ‘wearing my mask’ so others would think I could cope.  I needed help.


So my life changing journey began and I qualified as a Grief & Loss Specialist in 2018. Whilst training I began to realise that everything made sense, I wasn’t going mad, I was grieving.  My lightbulb moment was actually realising my grief wasn’t just for my sister.  My pain, heartache and shame was for a significant emotional loss caused by a life event that I had ignored for many years.  From that moment I knew that I didn’t want others to feel they had to live a life full of sadness, pain, shame or embarrassment.


I am available for one-to-one support, workshops and speaking opportunities.


In 2020 I was honoured to be awarded Grief Recovery Specialist of the year - an incredibly proud moment in my life.


Jill Attree

Grief & Loss Specialist

Grief Recovery Specialist of the Year 2020


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